Anduze pots collection

We chosen best artisans in Anduze to take into your gardens most elegant pots that Provence can offer. They are made in thick ceramized terracotta with or without aged finishing.

Available with your logo or family emblem on it. 

Anduze pot with ivory aged finishing

(size from XXL to XXS)* 

Anduze pot with green aged finishing

(size from XXL to XXS)* 

Anduze pot glazed blue

(size from XXL to mini)*

Anduze pot glazed ivory

(mis. da XXL a - mini)*

Anduze waxed finish

(size from XXL to XXS)*

* Sizes:

XXL:  h105cm  -  diam.90cm  -  weight 135kg

XL:     h92cm   -  diam.82cm  -  weight 100kg

L:        h80cm  -  diam.68cm  -  weight 70kg

M:       h70cm  -  diam.56cm  -  weight 50kg

S:        h55cm  -  diam.46cm  -  weight 30kg

XS:     h43cm  -  diam.38cm  -  weight 10kg

XXS:  h32cm  -  diam.28cm  -  weight 3kg

mini:  h22cm  -  diam.17cm  -  weight 1,5kg

Anduze urn aged finishing

(size: h50cm- diam.72cm - weight 60kg)

Anduze pot with lilies

(size: h77cm-  diam.73cm - weight 70kg)

Anduze shaped lantern

(size: h58cm- diam.34cm)


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